Tuesday, May 05, 2009

What a JUMP!!!

Wow! What a sexy pose!! Mr & Miss MABUL Finalist??

OK!! Let do the JUMP together!! 1 2 3!!

Wait! Ready! 1 2 3 JUMP!!

Again please!! 1 & 2 & 3 JUMP!!

Thank you! Thank you! Aaron, Teng, Saranee & Camille!! The jump & silhouette shoot was Great!! Grasia Grasia!! Ciao Ciao!!


Saranee said...

hi this is Saranee :). Thank you so much for the post. The photos looks great. I love SWV so much that i think it was one of my best holiday. People there was so freindly and the dive was awesome. Hope you have loads of fun!!!

ParadiseLoG said...

Hi Saranee! We miss to hear your singing ^!^ Hope to see you back again!! Thanks for the great jump!! Thanks for staying with us...we miss you all *?*