Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Reef Check Dive!!!

This morning Alex (not in picture) join WWF team lead by Nina, Ian, Julia & Harris for Reef Check mission Off Mabul!!

1st dive was to Danawan Reefs!!!

Broadclub Cuttlefish!!

Above 3 pictures shown how it change colour pattern when close approach for photos taken!!
In Reef Check must set two lines of 100 meter each at 5m & 10m!!

Swim alone in the set line for checking corals status!!

Checking & count on species of fishes!!

Check on invertebrate animals such as Sea Urchins, Sea Cucumber, Star Fishes & others!!

Hermit Crab!!
Allen's Ceratosoma Nudibranch!!
It's lays blue egg ribbon!!
Face to face with Allen's Ceratosoma

"I will follow you" said Crab-eye Goby of the back!!

Branches of Staghorn Corals!!

The beauty scene of Coral reefs!!

After finish the check & was about 80++ minute dive time...

It time to roll back the measurement lines!!

Some broken branches Staghorn Coral!!
Monitor of damage Reef status!!

School of Anthias fishes!!

Damages cause by passing boat in low water!!

Damages cause by blasted fish bomb!!

Damages cause by drag of boat's anchor!!

Is Tea Break time & lunch too!!

After an hour surface interval, this was 2nd Dive!!

To do longer research dive that time is important!!

4 of Strapweed Filefishes!!

This branches corals live many Cardinalfishes!!

Pajama Cardinalfishes!!

Baby Pajama Cardinalfish!!

Juvenile Pajama Cardinalfish!!

This branches coral live another species of Cardinalfishes!!

This Cardinalfish's eye was blue!!

This species call Long-spine Cardinalfish!!

Smashing Mantis Shrimp!!


Saw Blade Shrimp!!

What was that? A Sponge?!!

NO!! Is nudibranch under Dorididae - Speckled Aldisa!!

Nudibranch under species of Plakobranchidae - Ornate Elysia!!

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