Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pesta Kaamatan 2009 in Sabah!!

"Kotobian Tadau Tagazo Do Kaamatan!!"
Happy Harvest Festival!!

This is Sumazau Kadazan Dance!! Each year at the month of May was Harvest Festival celebration in Sabah!!

Miss Unduk Ngdau or Miss Harvest Sabah final beauty contest held each year at 30th & 31st May!!

Jesse, YB Datuk Liew, Alex & Albert!!

This was a visit of Minister in the Prime Minister Department!!

Here the SWV staffs send off the Minister group!!

This morning weather fine but last night got strong storm!!

Got a Luxury yacht & 2 Navy ships close to SWV resort!!

This how to get in the transparent kayak!!

Today & tomorrow is public holidays in Sabah for celebration of Harvest Festival!!

SWV Resort again busy with many guests during the holidays!!

2 Lady guests busy with the kayaking!!
SWV is the 1st in Sabah own transparent kayaks!!

This picture shown snorkelling & kayaking!!

We also busy with diving too!!

Here group of baby's squid close to surface!!

SWV jetty busy with divers & snorkelers!!

"Here I'm dive"

Divers get ready in water while non-diver romantic at surface!!

Close view of diver entry water!!

"Enjoy the dive!!"

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