Monday, May 04, 2009

Marine life under SWV cottage!!!

Seaview of the SWV Resort!!

Today weather cloudy & fine!!

This was surface view of the cottages at Sipadan wing!!

School of Spinecheek

Face to face with Yellow-tail Spinecheek!!

Blotched Hawkfish inside Barrel sponge!!

Royal Hypselodoris - Nudibranch

Marbled Snake Eel!!

Manila Puffer!!

Harlequin Crab on Sea Cucumber!!

Emperor Shrimp on Sea Cucumber!!

Black-spotted Porcupinefish!!

Shorthead Sabretooth Blenny live in the bottle!!

Masked Porcupinefish!!

Yellow-fin Surgeonfishes feeding on seagrass ground!!

3 Male Yellow-eye Cardinalfish incubates the brood in their mouth!!

Bar-cheek Trevally!!

White-tipped Anemonefish!!

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