Monday, May 04, 2009

3rd Day of MAY!!!

On the 3rd May morning boat dive with heavy repeaters!!

Saito san & Suzuki chan!!
Suzuki chan this dive will be 300 memory log dive!!

Here to show the back roll entry skill!!

Everyone perform very well!!

One hand hold mask & one hand protect the back of head!!

Then gentle roll back & let the weight of air tank to bring down!!
Pleas don't move the HEAD!!

If still don't get it how to perform then view this photo shown!!
Please don't try this at HOME!!

Nudibranch Discodorididae - Tessellated Halgerda!!

"What? Soft coral again!!"

"No! Was a camouflage to soft coral nudibranch under Facelinidae - Bolland's Phyllodesmium!!"

SUZUKI chan OMEDETO 300 dives!!

Pair of Blotched Hawkfish

Pink Squat Lobster!!

Spotted Garden Eel!!

Home ground of Spotted Garden Eel!!

Long-rayed Sand Diver!!

Sand diver when dive inside the sand & always head out!!

After every dive must don SAFETY STOP!!

Stop at 5 meter & 3 minute!!

The longer the better for reduce the nitrogen in body!!

When ascent listen any sound of boat engine & always look up!!

Guess who was this??

Now most latest dive computer is conservative & be sure to clear safety stop before ascent!! More often to monitor dive computer to avoid access limit of deco stop in any depth!!

After ascent to surface inflate BCD, signal to boat then wait for boat to pick up!!

Be sure to 1st hand up camera or video to dive guide or boatman then remove weight belt, fins & only fit enough to carry up the air tank!!

Yesterday weather was cloudy & sunny!!

Past few days most rains at late night or early morning!!

Most all dive boats busy this week!!

SWV Dive center can park all the 12 dive boats!!

Can be seen how busy in Dive Center!!

This photo taken yesterday afternoon before 3rd boat dive!!

After morning check dive & 1st boat dive, The Italian group after lunch went for 2nd boat dive in afternoon!!

This was Japanese fish flags!!

During the Golden week was also Japanese Children day!!

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