Thursday, May 21, 2009

Harley's Davidson - Malaysia Chapter - Day Two in SWV!!!

Good morning! After last night party & this was Day 2 for HOG!!

This morning was snorkelling trip to Sipadan!!

All HOG members got special permit for snorkelling!!

Weather was fine not sunny but cloudy!!

The sea condition was good!!

Sipadan even in bad weather still no regret to visit!!

Green Turtle up water surface to breath air!!

Sipadan not easy for anyone to be there now and must have the permit to entry!! To get there like won a lucky draw & in future like an auction!! Is good to be control & protected!!

After snorkelling activity, everyones step foot on island for rest!!

This was a new resting facility!!

If can seeing the underwater world in Sipadan...sure lots to chat about!!

The buildings behind was washroom facility & big was newly completed!!

Tropical rain forest tree in Sipadan Island!!

It also mangrove forest too!!

Sipadan also known as birdwatching!!

Lot of plants can be found!!

Tree trunk is grow high with branches & lots of leaves!!

Cannot allow to walk more further in & only near at the resting facility!!

Have you vote Sipadan for new 7 of Wonders of Nature?!

Don't forgot to vote for Coral Triangle Sulawesi too!!

Someone familiar with this group photo!!
Can spot & do you know who?!
After Tea break & back in water before off to resort for lunch!!

The snorkelling trip was guided to show the underwater world!!

This photo shown how SWV guide guiding snorkelling activity!!

After enjoyed snorkelling & time ride back to resort!!

After 30 minutes boat ride finally back to Divecenter!!

This afternoon was Coral Transplanting conservation project by HOG Divers!!
All HOG members were concern on All Environment Conservation!!

Dato Tengku Adlin brief on the Corals Transplant where he personal has involved several times!! For your information that Coral Transplant was the major highlight introduced by SWV in Mabul Marine Day program held every year since 1997!!

Look at the HOG members all attention focus on the awareness briefing!!

Note for Reader on this blog who like or can invite friends to participate this year our 12th Mabul Marine Day - 3rd Mabul Marine Week (Week conservation program was introduced by all Dive Operators in Mabul, Government in Semporna District, WWF, NGO & others in 2007) held in 18th-25th JULY 2009!!

YOU involve will experience & learn about the ecology of coral reefs! Most important start care your own coral & all!!

JOIN US now if not next year or next next on every 20th JULY!!

Other activity in afternoon fishing trip, Discover Scuba Diving, kayak & High Tea!!

Here are 5 HOG Divers who on the way mission task for Transplants HOG' Baby Corals lead by SWV Diveguides ALLAN & RAMIL!!

This & below pictures mark the event on how HOG baby coral transplanted!!

Above 2 pictures shown transplanted baby corals with HOG member divers!!

Close view of how HOG baby coral transplanted!!

1st select the site where dead coral used as base!! Normally the Dive guide will arranged the site & point out where to put the baby coral!! For HOG divers was to start mixing well the underwater bond!!

After mix well the underwater bond & place it at solid base!! Take the baby coral place on the top of bond & make sure the bond hold it well!!

Then attach the tag to the bond below the baby coral!! Last to recheck the baby coral stand well by gentle touch!!

Yeah!! You have done it!!

Congratulation!! You own a baby coral!!

Underwater group picture with banner for mark HOG had done it!!

Congratulation to HOG for the conservation marine environment!!

To all HOG member worldwide please make a date to visit YOUR Baby Coral!!
Or join participate again in future rally for caring baby Coral here in SWV!!

Here few HOG members join the PADI Discover Scuba Diving program!!

In future more diver in Harley Owner Group!!

Tonight was HOG Pirate's party nite!! Suppose the party held on the beach front but late evening got rain shower & move to platform outside restaurant!!

Games was arranged to play with HOG member!!

Above & below pictures shown the pirate's game play!!

Here are the winner!!

Mr Choo given thanks speech to Managements & staffs of SWV successful arranged the event where stayed at resort!!

Here was briefing for next day schedule!!

One of HOG member belated Brithday celebration!!

All SWV staffs dress & make up like pirate to join together with HOG!!

Here is the pirate's costume party!!

Game is simple that can talk, move, dance..anyway just can act like pirate style!!

Above & Below photo shown on how pirate's act!!

Photo with young future of HOG!!

Above & Below pictures shown 2 modern dance perform by SWV staffs on HOG pirate nite!!

Abigial again requested by HOG to sing 2 songs!!

HOG member Wanda was requested to sing a song!!

She has excellent voice singing without any musical instrument!!

Where above HOG member continue drinking!! Below water was female Green Turtle busy feeding on seagrass!! The party end early because tomorrow need to wake up early to depart to SUKAU. SWV manangement has new resort at Sukau (Sorry still under construction!!) & Harley's group invited to visit there!! View the day 3 on NEXT!!

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