Sunday, May 03, 2009

China Agent visited!!!

A new look of SWV Resort receiption counter!!

We change of new look for our heavy repeater guests that they will feel fresh!!

New receiption counter & chairs hand crafted with our SWV logo!!

Are our receptionist SWEET?!!

Yesterday we have China Tour Agents visited!!

We had show them to view of the coral reefs!!

They really enjoyed the transparent kayak!!

They happy seeing the underwater lifes!!

But time was too rush for them that cannot don snorkelling but next time!!

Today after early morning storm & seawater was very clear!!

Here are the school of Bigeye Scad view from above jetty!!

Jimmy does the dive brief to our heavy Japanese repeater divers!!

Jimmy with Saito san, Suzuki chan, Nakanishi Gofusai, Shuto san, Fujiki san & Onoe san!!

Above group went dive at Old House Reef 2!!

Having breakfast with the 5 China Tour Agents!!

Alex group photo with the China Tour & Travel Agents!!

They only one night stay here & now off to another resort!!

This is our famous Bye Bye party!!

Yesterday late evening we had this Italian group in the resort!!

This morning was the check dive for them!!

Ron who holding the red fins jumping to sea was the guide!!

Here to show how they do the giant stride entry!!

Most of them perform good!!

but few still jump skill and not a big walk!!

She was very beginner diver & Instructor remind her the skill but in the end JUMP!!

Should be a big walk like this but if want to JUMP then don't put on the FINS!!

Have FUN enjoy the dive!!

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