Thursday, May 28, 2009

Welcome Global Scuba, Kuala Lumpur!!!

Welcome Lesly one of partner in Global & lifetime royal fan of Arsenal!!

Welcome Soo, staff Instructor of Global!!

This afternoon we have group of 22 from Global!!

14 divers & 8 non-divers!!

Today weather was hot & sunny!!

After general briefing & now is check dive!!

Few was certify divers!!

The others 8 here to finish their PADI Open Water training conducted by Lesly & Soo!!

This was Sean, new staff of Global here to assist!!

Here everyones line up & get ready of entry!!

This was the 1st entry for them to open sea!!

Skills that has teach on confine in pool & now is the time to show out!!

This is actual diving before to certified!!

Soon their name will add in PADI web site!!

Today got 2 group went out for fishing trip!!

This was the catch of today by one of the group!!

We got snorkelling & diving....what's a busy afternoon!!

Today most Chinese celebrate the Tuen Ng or Dragon Boat Festival!!


Anonymous said...

Now, SWV also provide the fishing trip????? Just curious. scully_x_98

ParadiseLoG said...

Is been long already we had the fishing trip!!