Friday, May 22, 2009

Harley's Davidson - Malaysia Chapter - Day Three in SWV!!!

This morning all HOG members get ready at before 0700hrs!!
SWV staffs also get ready for Goodbye party!!
Today the HOG leaving SWV Resort!!

SWV special make a piece of wood hand crafted of Memory of Harley Owner Group stayed at the Resort!!
1st signature was Karl represent from America!!

2nd was represent from Germany!!

Dato Tengku Adlin give his signature on Memory wood crafted!!

Represent from Brunei team!!

Mr Choo represent for Malaysia team!!

After were all member to put their signatures!!

While they were busy signing & where their action were taken on camera by HOG members!!

SWV staffs has group photo with part of Harley's group!!

Group photo of HOG with SWV staffs!!

Is the departure moment for HOG!!

"Thank you for staying with us"

"Have a safety rides"

All SWV staffs waving & saying "Goodbye & See you again"!!

Today weather just perfect not that sunny & it wouldn't rain!!

Sea condition was just bit of choppy!!

After 45 min journey finally reach at SWV Semporna jetty!!

"Let's start the engines shall we?!"

All HOG riders check their motor bikes!!

Let the engines keep running on Harley's bikes!!

Get ready the helmet & prepare to dress up the jackets!!

This is Harley's Davidson bike!!

"Line up in 2 lines please!!"

This was the Head Marshal Harley's bike!!

Owners of Seafest Hotel with Harley's bike!!
"Thank you again for let the HOGs park here!!"

Harley had it's own Marshals to control traffic while on the road!!

"Get ready to move & let's ride!!

All HOG riders need to refuel at Shell station, Semporna before start the journey!!

Here they are from Seafest Hotel come to Shell station!!

HOG members rides with their wifes too!!

Few of wife has own bike too!!

The Shell station was busy with all Harley's bikes & vehicles!!

After refuel need to line up & will start the journey soon once every bikes done!!

Semporna Police traffic patrol car will lead & escort!! SWV van also follow behind with HOG at the back & escort till Sukau Resort!!

Now is time start of the ride journey!!

The next stop for refuel will in Lahad Datu!!

About more than 2 hour ride from here to next refuel station!!

HOG had it's own mechanic & tow truck!!

Other vehicles for luggages & drinks!!

SWV van was very lucky that has Harley's Marshal in front escorted & back has the Harley's Medic bike follow!!

"Terima Kasih Tuan!" said the Harley's Marshal to Semporna Police Traffic patrol car!! The police only escort to the border line & now Harley's Marshal job to take over till next station!!

HOG's had photographer, videographer & media too!!

On the journey most road side view of the Oil Plam plantations!!

Also can view some Tropical Rain Forest trees!!

Next stop was at Petronas station, Lahad Datu for refuel, drinks & washroom!!

We had to move on ahead because need to set up the banners at new Sukau resort!!

Here the HOG finally reach at Sukau resort!! All Harley's bikes & vehicles need to park at road side!!

A foot walk journey less than 10 min to reach the restaurant where locate uphill of 100 meter higher!!

Unbelievable that high heel boot can climb up this small hill!!

Only 4 double storey chalets completed & allowed to stay at this hillside!!

The chalets really surrounded with nature green environments!!

Below was the bedroom, 2 washrooms & balcony!! Upper got bedroom, 2 balcony to view the river & wildlife!!

All chalets fully with air conditioning!!

Welcome HOG to another paradise of nature!!
Uphill was temporary restaurant!!

Here the view of the hillside chalet!!

Each Chalet was different but all same concept of double storey!!

This picture can view the hillside slope!!

This was unfinish yet No 5 hilltop chalet but will be soon!!
When it finish will be best view for wildlife!!

Beautiful flower on hill top!!

This was temporary hilltop restaurant!!

Is lunch break now & who finish 1st will go short ride on boat for river cruise viewing wildlifes!!
This restaurant got staircase to upper flood for view of river & wildlifes!!

This is Kinabatangan River & longest river in Sabah!!

It was a Eagle on tree branch!! Eagle was symbol for HOG!!

After lunch go river cruise on wooden boat!!

Here at river side on seasons can view group of Borneo Pygmy Elephants!!

Proboscis Monkeys easy to view here!!
Can you spot it?!

HOG members enjoy watching group of Proboscis monkey jumping tree to tree!! Sorry time run out & need to continue the ride journey to Sandakan!!

Alex & the Sukau boatman!!

After lunch & river cruise at Sukau, time to continue the ride journey!!

Next stop will be in Sandakan over night!!

Start the engines, put on helmets, get ready on line & ready to go!!

Before start move....take a picture 1st!! SMILES!!

Now get set & GO....

just a special ride allow us to take the photos...

Here shown how those big bikes on the road....

Most are classic Harley's Davidson bikes!!
This with long & high arm!!

This was Harley's Davidson sport bike!!

Here join the Marshal with Media on this high ground for pictures or video!!

"I'D Rather Ride My Harley's Davidson"

Again this was Lahad Datu Police patrol car to lead & escort!!

This was leading Harley's Marshal to make sure smooth traffic on road!!

Follow as few Harley's Marshals to control the safety ride!!

Here go the HOG members!!

"Thank you & Goodbye"

"Have a safety rides"

Here are the HOG vehicles team!!

"Thank you, goodbye & see you again"

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