Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Harley's Davidson - Malaysia Chapter - Day One in SWV!!!

On 17th May group of 46 from Harley's Davidson motorcycle...

start their HOG rally from Tawau all the way to Kota Kinabalu!!

This was the 2nd HOG rally in Sabah!!

Tawau-Semporna-SWV MABUL-SWV SUKAU-Sandakan-Kota Kinabalu.

This morning 1st stop was at Semporna District!!

Today Semporna District start the State nationwide Harvest Festival!!

24 of Harley's bikes from Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, USA, Germany, France & Africa!!

Harley's group were welcome host in this festival event!!

This were all contestant for Miss Unduk Ngadau & the winner will represent Semporna for State Nationwide Harvest beauty contest held end of May 2009!!

Group of Malay kid perform of "SILAT" martial arts!!

Silat was Malaysia National martial arts!!

Mr Bianus Kontong, Assistant Semporna District Officer given welcome speech!!

In front this picture where Harley's group together with the Local community watching the festival event!!

This was young & future Miss Unduk Ngadau!!

American Harley Owners Group, Karl was honour invited for offcial opening the festival!!

Hit the gong of 3 times....

and cutting the padi rice was opening ceremony!!

Pesta Kaamatan song!!

Kadazan Sumazau Dance!!

In the whole month of May where all the ethnic in Sabah State celebrate Pesta Kaamatan - Harvest Festival!!

Each year all tourist wouldn't miss out of this colourful Harvest Festival event held every month in MAY!!

Miss Unduk Ngadau in the past where for the Warrior of Head Hunter Hero to pick one of the most beautiful as companion & the rest then pick by his fellow member!!

In the modern world now as alike of the Miss World & Miss Universal contest but not judge by the Warrior!!

A Dusun lady sing Kadazandusun' song!!

Alex Lim & wife Yvonne after the event & was time to visit back SWV Resort!!

Diver Alex Lim & his Harley big bike with stereo system!!

They off to SWV Semporna jetty!!

Here come the Harley' Davidson group!!

Harley's Davidson bikes on the road!!

Today weather sunny then cloudy & small rain passing by!!

Before the boat ride to SWV Resort, Mabul all the bike to keep at Seafest Hotel!!

THANK YOU to SEAFEST Hotel for allowed all HOG bikes free safe parking!!

WELCOME to SWV Resort!!
This HOG will stay 2 night here!!

Almost 130 staffs to give warm welcome to 52 Harley Owners Group!! The resort begining was fully charter by this HOG but many International cancel because of H1N1!!

Divecenter busy in afternoon for this HOG!!

Must be big size to own a Harley Davidson??

Ramil does Dive brief to 8 HOG Divers!!

Few of HOG member don swimming & snorkelling at House Reef!!

7 HOG members try out PADI Discover Scuba Diving with Richard!!

The jetty area was JAM by this HOG!!

After dinner, SWV staffs perform Welcome Dance party!!

Here are staffs perform Bajau traditional instrument!!

Bajau traditional Mengalai Dance perform by Mrs. Suhaida!!

Abigial singing 1 songs with guitar but later was requested more more!!

Philippines modern dance perform by Lady staffs & was join with guest!!

Bajau Traditional dance mix up with HipHop dance by SWV staff!!
This mix up dance only perform in SWV by young generation!!

Cha Cha Dance by staffs from FO, Bar & Mini Mart!!

Kitchen staffs perform their Bajau dance!!

This Bajau Dance perform during special occasion & wedding ceremony!!

The HOG member were invite to join Indonesia Pucho Pucho dance!!

This dance was special requested by Dato Tengku Adlin!!

HOG member really like to party!!

Cha cha dance lead by Dato Tengku Adlin (in white)!!

"Everyone is cha cha time"

Mr Choo Leader of this event present souvenir of HOG to SWV Director Nomura san!!

SWV Chef Cook, Sendiri return thanks to all HOG member on Nice GOOD Food!!

After the Staff performance, time for slide show... then more drinks!!

This slide show was the morning rally rides from Tawau to Semporna!!
This end of day one & day two is NEXT!!

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