Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Are we busy after Golden Week?!!

This was yesterday and weather was fine!!

We are now busy with non-diver!! This picture shown group of Local playing the transperant kayaks yesterday!!

Today weather was cloudy & Ramil showing fishes in fishbook after the 1st dive to his group!!

After an hour surface interval & now they off for 2nd boat dive to Mabul!!

Rika today welcome dive briefing!!

This morning came 8 Japanese divers!!
Iterasshai Mase!!

In afternoon Ron does the General Briefing to 4 guests from Finland!!

This afternoon got rain shower!! We still busy but most are non-divers!!

The rain can't stop the divers & non divers for Sipadan trip!!
The rain was soon stopped but the sky still remain cloudy!!


Anonymous said...

I saw 4 transparent cayaks in the above pic. You guys now have 4 of them!!! Umm, but it doesn't include in the diving package, does it? :-P

ParadiseLoG said...

We have 5 of the transperant kayaks!! Sorry! Is not include in dive package!! Rental for half hour is RM15 per kayak for 2 persons. An hour is RM30 per kayak for 2 persons.

aiwa said...

Makes me think of hawaii's golden anniversary.

ParadiseLoG said...

well! you can request for Mabul golden anniversary here........