Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kotobian Tadau Kaamatan!!!

Welcome back Sano Kentaro san of Yellow Fin Dive Shop, Japan!!
Iraishai Mase!!
Today Richard guided a group diver to dive at Kapalai!!
Lesly (in front picture) follow for fun dive!!

Jimmy guided a group diver to dive at Mabul!!

Bobby & Soo Ling went research dive for transplanted corals check!!

Froi guided this group for dive at Sipadan!!

This is Global Scuba Diver group!!
Most of them just certify as JOW, OW & AOW!!
Group photo with Soo, Sean, Lesly, Abi, Allan & Richard!!
Today we have big group of guests for snorkelling activity in Kapalai!!
This picture shown how Niger conduct briefing for the group!!

After brief & now time to get in the boats!!

Today weather hot & sunny!!
Today is Sunday & still Harvest Festival holidays!!

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