Saturday, May 09, 2009


This was the very early morning!!
Sunrise view at SWV resort!!

Today went for Reef Check in Semporna!!

It really beautiful scene of SUNRISE!!

Finally the 1st morning light is out!!

Close view of the 1st sunlight!!

Finish of Golden week holidays and this group Japanese guests on the way back HOME!!

This morning join the WWF team for Reef Check dive around Semporna Islands!! Semporna had about 49 Islands that most not discover yet by diver!!

Nina, Julia from WWF, Donny & Ian!!

1st dive at Batik Island!!

Aglajidae - Variable Chelidonura!!

Both of the Sea Slugs laying an egg balloon!!

New species?? Couldn't find on Nudibranchs book!! Believe under Phyllidiidae - species of Reticulidia!!

Inside colonies branches coral live many Cardinalfishes!!

Donny careful remove the plastic bag from reefs!!

This dive only found one plastic bag!!

Good job Donny!!

Ian busy counting on invertebrates marine life!!

Julia busy on counting fishes!!

This healthy reefs found one Crown of Thorn!!

Love to see the formation of Acropora coral!!

Pair of Reef Lizardfish!!

During mating period male follow female!!

In the colonies of branches coral found many Cardinalfishes & Demselfish!!

Springer's Demoiselle - species of brilliant blue Damselfish!!

Nina roll back the measure line!!

Beautiful scene of shallow reefs!!

This sites many table type corals!!

After 1st dive, we move on to others island!!

After an hour surface interval now ready for 2nd Dive!!

This dive was part of Timbun Mata Island!!

Face to face with Squaretail Coral Grouper!!

Donny with beautiful Sea Fan!!

This dive site got lots of soft corals & some hard corals too!!

Eyelined Blenny!!

School of Yellowtail Fusilier!!

Strong current was on this site!!
"Are you OK?"

This dive site was been blasted by fish bomb!!

Destroyed branches Acropora!!

Table type coral break broken!!

This site got beautiful of Plates type corals!!

Damages of branches coral!!

This site was blasted few days ago!!

A big rock coral type can be break open into pieces!!

If this unhealthy fish bomb method carry on this beautiful reefs will be on next list!!

Ian final check on the reef site!!

Timbun Mata was the biggest Island in Semporna that has gazette as Forest reserved!!

Today really good weather - SUNNY!!

We today finish the Reef Check project Off Semporna Islands!!
09 MAY 2009
Diagonal Shrimpgoby!!

Commensal Shrimp in anemones!!

Masked Shrimpgoby!!

Nudibranch Discodorididae - Batangas Halgerda!!

Sea Slug Aglajidae - Bright Chelidonura!!
Mating Ball - mating is generally a head to tail process!!

Trailing behaviour appears as a prelude to mating!!

Deep-sea Squat Lobster - Chirostylus Dolichopus!!

Flatworm - Pseudoceros!!

Pair of Reef Lizardfish!!

Mud-reef Goby!!


Ventral-barred Shrimpgoby!!

Nudibranch Facelinidae - Briareum Phyllodesmium!!

School of Yellowtail Fusilier!!

Saw Blade Shrimp - Tozeuma spp!!

The Saw Blade Shrimp is extremely elongated & it body is transparent with irregular transverse camouflaging bands!!

Whip Coral shrimp - Dasycaris Zanzibarica!!

Saw Blade Shrimp - Tozeuma Armatum!!

It's colour was BLUE!!


Juvenile Spinecheek Anemonefish!!

Baby Spinecheek Anemonefish!!

Female - Spinecheek Anemonefish!!

Semporna dive trip will has lunch at Seafest cafe!!

Enjoy fresh seafoods Lunch!!
Sorry!! We are really hungry...heeheeheeheehee!!

New jetty of SWV resort at Semporna!!

Pair of Yellow Shrimpgoby!!

Black Shrimpgoby!!

Fan Shrimpgoby!!

Rayed Shrimpgoby!!

Nudibranch Flabellinidae -

- Red-lined Flabellina!!

Plakobranchidae - Ornate Elysia!!

Fan Shrimpgoby!!

Yellow-pepper Shrimpgoby!!

Ventral-barred Shrimpgoby!!

Spangled Shrimpgoby!!

Strapweed Filefish!!

Pair of Saffron Shrimpgoby!!

Picturesque Dragonet!!

Sea Spider - Nymphon sp!!

Common Seahorse!!

Small school of Barracuda!!

It's fullmoon view at SWV!!

What's a beautiful night!!


sachichan said...

Semporna was happy. Lunch very delicious!!! iwant to go also next time. Thank you!

ParadiseLoG said...

Sachichan you are always welcome!!Ja Ne!!