Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Is Normal Day in SWV!!!

Bobby dive brief to a group of Thai divers!!

Sawaddee Krub!!
Bobby group photo with Living Sea, Thailand lead by Pongsak next to him!!

Today weather was fine & sea was clear too!!

This group of Thai today dive around Mabul with Bobby!!

This past few day we busy with many snorkelling trips!!
This was new group just arrived this morning!!


Anonymous said...

It seems more & more Thai divers visiting SWV after TDEX. Is this group from Bobby's quota? :-P

ParadiseLoG said...

YES!! Many Thai come visit here but this was last year TDEX!! When you be next ^!^

Anonymous said...

So Sooooooon ka :-)scully_x_98

ParadiseLoG said...

Well! You are always welcome back!!