Monday, May 25, 2009

Another Busy Days!!!

After gone the Harley's group, on 22th May we busy again with 2 big group of non diver!!

1st group of 36 persons come to stay at SWV!!

2nd group 0f 34 persons same time arrival at noon!!

Divecenter busy arranged snorkelling trips for 70 persons!!

Alternate 2 days plan to snorkelling to Mabul, Kapalai, Siamil & limited for Sipadan!!

1st day plan snorkelling at Mabul & Kapalai!!

For snorkelling to Sipadan only base of limited name in the permit!!

2nd day Morning had arranged part of 36 persons for Siamil!!

In afternoon was for the turn of 34 persons to Siamil!!

For past 2 days the weather & sea condition was fines!!

This was Siamil & Danawan Island (left to right)!!

Look how happy they are when saw beautiful island!!

Most when for snorkelling but got fews for fishing off the Island!!

This picture shown how clear was the water & lots of beautiful reefs can watch here!!

Dive guides & boatman busy to guide for snorkelling!!

They all really enjoy watching the underwater scenery!!

After snorkelling then set foots on Siamil Island for tea break!!
After tea break walk around to see the Historical site!!

The group were been brief by Army personal in charge about the well built in 2nd war by Japanese!!

This well was built in 12th May 1940!!

This was the name of Japanese!! After briefing everyone allowed to wash & shower with well water!! Inside the well can see some freshwater fishes!! The water was so fresh & cool!!
Next was visit Danawan Island village to see the local Bajau life'stlye!!
Group photo with SWV staffs!!

After the trip to both Islands now time to depart back to Mabul!!
Today the day soon pass & tomorrow come another day!!
Hope the day come is a better day!!

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