Friday, August 01, 2008

Thanks for a great Mabul Marine Week

This year's event was a great success! Everyone involved should feel proud. 'Thank you' to all the guests for participating in our activities, to our invited speakers (especially Richard) and of course the SWV Dive Team. Our MMW Chairman 'Bobby' has made a huge effort and we hope to re-elect him for next year. 

Coral Planting

This year we had many corals to transplant. The MMW program was held twice! Our Divemasters have worked very hard this year. They will continue their efforts by monitoring every transplanted coral as if it were their own. Please expect month updates on your coral's progress, if you do not receive information just email:

American Children and Kampung Kids!

This year for Mabul Marine Week we had many young divers and snorkelers from America. The School Children from Mabul Island invited the visitors to join their fun and educational activities. A great opportunity for the kids to learn about each others cultures and most importantly have a good time.