Thursday, May 07, 2009

Dive at Siamil & Danawan Island!!!

Today weather was FINE but sea a bit of choppy!!

This morning went dive to Siamil Island!!

Today had arranged 3 boats to dive there!!

This jetty now was SWV resting place!!
Before the place at beach now share to others dive operators to use it because non of them can allow to set up by the Land Owner!!

Pair of Clouded Moray!!

After the 1st dive enjoy the tea break & sunshine!!

That was Danawan Island!!

This was view of jetty facing the sea!!

2nd dive to beautiful reefs of Danawan!!

Was it look like a tower!!

Lot's of branches corals!!

Close view of branches coral can found young fishes!!

This branches coral was blue in colour!!

This was look alike table type branches coral!!

Here are the celebrate group photo of all the memory log dive!!

Congratulation to Sasaki Noriko san for achieved 600 memory log dive!!

Congratulation to Sakamoto san for success achieved 500 log dives!!

Congratulation to Suzuki chan & Fujiki san for successful achieved 300 logs dive!!


Anonymous said...

So it means SWV client could have a trip to dive @ both islands besides Mabul & Kapalai & Sipadan, right? Interesting.

ParadiseLoG said...

YES!! Because of Sipadan now not that easy to dive there and to get there was like a lucky draw!! These Islands are now become favour!!