Saturday, May 02, 2009

2nd Day of MAY!!!

This morning we had rain shower!!

This rains can't stop divers & non divers for the water activities!!

Today we had arranged dive in Siamil, Sipadan, Kapalai & Mabul!!

Sakamoto san, Sasaki Gofusai, Iwasaki san & Rika san!!

Jimmy does the dive brief to Aaron, Teng, Saranee, Camille from Singapore & Satoi san from Japan!!

Best Dive boat entry for diver is back roll!!

This photo shown how the Back roll perform!!

Below all the Marine life pictures taken this morning during Boat Dives!!

Metallic Shrimpgoby!!

Royal Hypselodoris - Nudibranchs mating!!

This was species of Spider Crab covered with algae!!

Home of Spaghetti Eel!!

Juvenile Lobster!!

Poss's Scorpionfish!!

Blue Ribbon Eel!!

Blue-spotted Ribbontail Stingray!!

School of Bigeye Trevally!!

Rabbitfishes feeding!!

Pair of Masked Rabbitfish & school of Dusky Rabbitfish together feeding!!

School of Bigeye Trevally swim inside the woods artificial reefs!!

Giant Frogfish!!

Jack Fishes name are common been call here!!

Titan Triggerfish feeding on Starfish!!
It really camera shy!!

Love to view the school of Jack Fishes swimming behaviour!!

Its perform like a tornado!!

In daylight their swim round & round!!

School of Sergeant Damselfish!!

The rain was stopped after the 2nd Dive!!

Weather back to cloudy & sunny!!

Here from seaview of SWV Resort at Sipadan wing!!

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