Friday, April 17, 2009

Yesterday Expedition Research Dive!!

Start from the left was Nina from WWF, Zarinah Waheed from Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Alex from SWV & Dr Bert Willem Hoeksema from Naturalis, Netherland had done expedition research dive on to Islands of Ligitan, Siamil, Danawan & Cust Reef. Dr Bert expertise in Mushroom Corals!!

This is Ligitan Island!!

This was all left over sea shell break open by the Bajau Sea gypsy!!

Mangrove trees, limestones & coconut trees found here in Ligitan Island!!

This island was small in size but most on Mangrove trees!!

After the 1st dive at Ligitan Reef & walk round the Island!! In the limestones growth many algae, found some snails & shore crabs!!

This young mangrove tree!!

Spotted butterfly & lots of dragonfly (cannot take any photo of its)!! Found a chicken here in the Island & was named Robinson!!

There a signal light tower in the island for passing Vessels!!
Those colourful flags was for respect of those passed away!!

This Island was known as Snake Island but no sea snake was found!!

Ligitan's huge reefs link up to Danawan Island!!

This was 2nd time for Alex set foot on this island but most day only stay at boat!!

Next dive to Siamil & Danawan Island!!

This is Siamil Island!!

Villagers from Danawan came here by wooden boat for fishing!!

No villagers stay at this island!!

Young Banded Sea Snake swimming!!

Siamil was very clear visibility on this dive!!
This Mushroom Coral in orange cause by bacteria!!

Dr Beth so far has discover & recorded 40 species this trip....

Some of site can found more then 20 species!!

Mushroom Coral can be found in deep to shallow depth!!

Those photo taken by Dr Beth was new species?!

Young Pinnate Spadefish clean by Bluestreak Cleaner Wrasse!!

Mushroom corals are conspicuous and commonly encountered members of coral reef communities!!

Most species are free living and unattached to the sea bottom and exhibit a mushroom like appearance!!

This big rock has attached hard & soft corals!!

Most of the big rocks can seeing hard or soft corals growth healthy!!

Free swimming young squids!!

Ms Zarinah has very good buoyancy control!!

Few species coral of Acropora Table size can view in shallow depth!!

Long Beaked Coralfish's feeding!!

Species of Brain coral!!

Species of Plate coral look alike a flower!!

This healthy table coral has broken it base and sit on one side but each end tip form small table facing up the sky!!

This another angle view how those small table form & staying alive?!

Siamil really had lots & big round table corals species!!

Can view how many young table coral here!!

Green & clear water..what a dive....

some more beautiful reefs too!!

After this dive left only sweet memory in the mind!!

Siamil Island still the best for view coral reefs!!

After lunch, 3rd dive on Danawan Reef & it's too beauty reefs!!

But sadly this small site here was been fish bomb believe done few days ago!!

Can see from this photo how the corals after been blasted!!
This dive site still can heard 2 times loud explosion underwater!!
Early heard 1 at Ligitan Reef!!

Sponge Ghostgoby with eggs on sponge!!

This nudibranch named Allen's Ceratosoma & appears to mimic Xenild Soft Coral!!

This Hairy Octopus found by Alex!!

When it swimming was so cute!!

Not only 1 but 2 of the Hairy Octopus...

They were fighting each other!!

Above 3 pictures shown how its fight?!

This young Flamboyant Cuttlefish found by Nina!!


Species of Ovulid - Calpurnus verrucosus!!

Yellow Coralgoby!!

This dive site more on Branches corals!!

Here are more species Hard corals can found here!!

On shallow depth some damage site caused by boat anchor!!

In shallow more beautiful Branches corals!!

4th Dive at this signal warning for passing vessels light post!!

All vessel saw this sign mean shallow reefs behind!!

Saw school of Spanish Flag Snapper!!


Carnation or Hibiscus Corals??

Dwarf Hawkfish!!

Mantis Shrimp!!

Lots of Sea Gull hang around this light post!!

One day can't finish done all dive at these islands and need more time!!
But at least can tell how different of each island stand!!
Urgent need to act on stop fish bomb!!
Need dive operators cooperate do more research dive at these islands!!
Hope everyone join together to save & look after the Coral reefs!!


Anonymous said...

Those hairy octopuses are just sooo cool! Hope will be able to find one in September!

ParadiseLoG said...

Yeah!! Please write down the lists but we can't promise...hehehehe....