Sunday, April 26, 2009

Research Dive - Part 2!!!

continue from part 1 & here below underwater marine lifes to share with...

School of Soldierfishes!!

Spot-face Moray!!

Soft Coral new species??

Ornate Ghostpipefish!!

Zebra Crab or Urchin Crab!!

This Urchin Crab live in Fire Urchin!!

Pair of Scorpionfish!!

School of Convict Blennies!!

This Convict Blennies sometime can be mistaken to young catfishes!!

Pair of Egg Cowrie!!

Western Clown Anemonefishes!!

For best taken photo on Clown fish was during cloudy sky & late evening where it anemone closing like a bowl!!

Siamil Island had it beauty reefs!!

Lot of Table type Acropora species!!

Some table like Acropora corals here big & round!!

Siamil Island!!

Danawan Island!!

Paron Shrimp - Gelastocaris Paronae live in sponges!!

This maybe new species of spider crab that from claw, body & legs completely covered with sand & seagrass!!

Close up to Ocellated Flounder!!

This big branches Acropora table type was overturn to one side but still healthy!!

Mulliner's Nembrotha - Polyceridae!!

Crab-eyed Goby!!

This branches Acropora look alike a Flower!!

If we out one day research will have pack lunch on boat!!

Allen's Ceratosoma - Chromodorididae

School of Five-line Snapper!!

"You better go eat now!!" said Royal Hypselodoris in high ground!!
"YES Your highness! I'm coming!" said Allen's Ceratosoma below!!
"We better move now! I can sense Human going to bomb this place!!"
See the next blog on Fish Bomb!!
This photo shown branches corals damage by boat's anchor!!

This new site got lots of branches corals!!

Can found fews species of branches corals & above was one of species!!

It was really beauty scene of branching corals on this new sites!!

Too Bad!! This site still heavy on Fish Bomb - Illegal unhealthy method of fishing use of home make explosion!

We can said that only SWV Dive Team done the research dives & others dive operators just spy or follow!! Proof us wrong so please do own research because this place huge & wide!! Don't follow us on same dive site because we been watched none of dive operators ever dive this sites!! We happy that everyone done own research & can save the coral reefs here for No Fish Bomb!! We can't stop anyone to follow but please look after, take good cares, don't remove the marine lifes let its be there, don't drop anchor, take pictures don't damage the surround because this reefs are our's rice bowl!! For those who read our blog please stay & dive with us! If stay in other operators please stop for follow our SWV Dive Boat!! Too many divers at same site wasn't good!! How GOOD this Blue Planet will depend on YOU?!! For our beloved guests we found Best Micro dive sites and do make a date with us!! Check out part 3 on next blog! Thank You!!


Marti e Miano said...

The little crab white & black is the beautiful "Zebrida adamsii" (Zebra Crab)! It's a very good discover, I'm very happy for you! :) ciao ciao

ParadiseLoG said...

Thank you!! Ciao Ciao!!