Monday, April 13, 2009

Most Thai Divers celebrate Songkran Day in SWV!!!

Well! Today morning is still going to rain!!

Today was Thai Songkran Day...

In Thailand today, everyone will splash water to each other!!
In SWV we do the same thing to our Thai guests but we today got the rain shower to help out too!! Sorry!! No photo during splashing!!

In Thai tradition after splash water must say "Koa Hai Mee Kham Suk" That's mean a blessing of Happy Always!!

Here again shown how busy these day in SWV!!

This morning we got the early morning dive to Sipadan & breakfast was serve in Dive Center!!

Most of our Thai guests today last day of diving!!
This was Jimmy group (All Star Dive Shop) today for Sipadan Dive!!
This also All Star group guided by Allan to Sipadan!! Chok-Dee!!
Korb Khun Krab to DAN (holding 2 camera) & Jer Gun Mai!!

Froi & Sandra guiding the families of Swiss & France while American lady Roberta join together Dive at Kapalai!!

After had great time of snorkelling, Dianie & Ian Wilson finally take the PADI Discover Scuba Diving with Rika san!! Hope both of you back here next as a DIVER!!

Ron guide of most Thai from All Star & British couple to dive around Mabul!!

Abigail guided Thai's Dumnam group to dive Kapalai!!

Ciao Ciao!!
Bobby guided a group of Italian to dive Mabul!!

Alex guided 2nd group of Dumnam to dive at Kapalai!!
Korb Khun Krab to Mr Poosak, Naui Course Director (right hand side half naked) & Jer Gun Mai!!
This group from Brunei & team leader, Kim-Mee On (Lady from 1st left hand side) was guided by Richard dive around Mabul!! Sorry another 2 members was not feeling well & wasn't in this photo but will retake next day!!

Finally in afternoon, the SUN out shinning!!

Look how happy the children playing & parents enjoy the late afternoon SUN!!

Look how the children playing the skill JUMP to sea!!

Ops! Watch out!! Heeheehee..... He not fall.....

was doing the skill of front over head kick!!

Here group of Italian with family enjoy the late afternoon SUN!!

"Helloooo Look here..." said the little girl in RED!!

'Wait!I'm coming.....' said the little boy

Was he a Superman or Spiderman??

A future young Olympic Diver athlete??

How about this pose?! Cool!!

"Do youuu geeeet itttttttt" said the flying boy to the little girl in Red!!

Watch this Big guy!! I can do your Superman fly too!! Down down awayyyy

OK!! How about this? I am Handsomeeeee!!

Excuse me! Give way for me to practise Diver's skill!!

Yeah!!! Me too I'm Handsomeeeee

Hey all Big guys! Your handsome but I'm more CUTEeeeeee

When the SUN is out.....children play water & others play Kayak!!

See the sky is blue!! Hope tomorrow will good sunny day!!

Look the little girl perform the jump too!!

Is fun to do the jumping but don't try this at HOME please!!
If want to JUMP just make a date to SWV!!
Here a Thai couple paddle the transparent kayak!!

Can you spot there another kayak?!

Yes! Was this 2 Thai lady!!

Here are group photo of the Jump Divers.....but most of THEM are Certified Diver except for light blue short pant kid!! Start from left hand side Axelle, Aurelien, Christopher, Jeremy & Alexander!!

OK! Let show the jumping skill together shall we?!
1 2 3 JUMP!! Bravo Bravo!!
Thank you Thank you!!
You all are GREAT!!


Marti e Miano said...

Ciaoooooooo Alex, wow very nice pctures! :) kiss & hug from Italy

ParadiseLoG said...

Grasia Marti!! warm hugs too Ciao Ciao!!