Sunday, April 19, 2009

Regatta Lepa Lepa Semporna!!!

This was early morning sunrise view but lots of cloud!!

This group Italian lead by Marti e Miano from Scubacqueando after a week visited here and today leaving back to HOME, ITALY!!

This morning on the way to Semporna Town will show them the Regatta Lepa Lepa event!!

Highlight of Regatta Lepa Lepa was the Sea Bajau traditional curved wooden boat!!

This event held annually in April!!

Lepa Lepa was the name of the curved wooden boat!!

After taken pictures of Lepa Lepa, Italian guests on the way to airport!!
CIAO CIAO!! Have safety flight back HOME!!
This morning the weather was fine!!

Arrival of the Head of State Sabah & Head of State Sarawak & VIPs!!

Malaysia & 2 States Anthems start of the Lepa Lepa events!!

This Japanese group guided by SWV Semporna staff Mery (in pink shirt) to watch the event!!

Lepa Lepa event held 3 days & end on Sunday!!

Here the group Japanese guest lead by Keiko san join the crowds to watch event!!

VVIP really enjoyed & took pictures!!

You had to make a date to witness this colourful event yourself!!
Check out this event date next year with SWV!!

In Sabah we had multi-cultural event & this was part of it!!

Tradition was important in our lifehood here!!
Look at this picture that from Old to young that must passing the tradition from one generation to next!!
Small Kids must learn & practice the tradition!!

This is Bajau tradition dance!!

This was Bajau young dancer's tradition dress & head wear!!

In front of each boat will see Sea Bajau from Old woman to little girls perform the dance!!
Old man to small boy also known very well of this dance!!

This was latest innovate curved wooden big boat by Deparment of Sains, Innovation & Technology and Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS)!!

Ms Zarinah of UMS taking photo of it for record!!

This was the oldest Lepa Lepa use of piece of log to make, use hand to paddle & depend on winds direction while behind it was latest motor wooden boat & the rest was painted beautiful!!

This big modern curved wooden boat run by motor engine!!
Next year hope can let Tourists to try ride or stay overnight!!

This Bajau dance in local words call "Mangalay"

The Bajau's dress can be any colour....

same as the Lepa Lepa must colourful but NO in Black & white!!

Little girl at this age already master the tradition dance skill!!

Can see how master the skill was to curved the said wood!!
Can see the anchor also made from wood!!
Old day this group people care on reef but how about present day??
How many really care the Reefs now??
It is time to announce who the winner is?!

Here are the VIP stage!!

This is Datuk Dr Tengku Zainal Adlin chairman of Sabah Tourism Promotion Corporation!!

Pattern of Hawk curving!!

This was Police marching band!!
National & States's anthems were play by them!!

Music instrucments their play and tradition gong by local native which one??
Come & listen yourself to judge!!

The big flag on those boat called in local word 'Sempulayang'
After 2 hour show was the end & Heads of both States are leaving!!
Here are Traffic police group for important person!!

Most of modern big wooden boats run with inboard motor engine!!

Nowaday travel with motor engine more convenience!!

This Lepa Lepa was the winner 2009!!

Hope to see you here to watch the Lepa Lepa event!!
Check out the date next year with SWV!!

This really a life time that can't be miss for the colourful event!!

Here shown old women play on tradition small small gong & in local words call 'Kulintangan'!!

Where here are the 2 big GONG play by little girl!!
SWV has bigger Gong display in resort!!
This small girl practice the move of hand while her mom was teaching!!

After finish the show and Lepa Lepa on their way back to their HOME!!
This was tow by a small boat on outboard motor!!

Some arrive back home to water village!! Old day people stay in the Lepa Lepa but nowaday many had built a house & stay in island!! Not easy to find big tree wood because many forest been cut down!! To keep the Forest, Tourism Industry play very important roles for economy here!! Not so much of Sea Bajau Boat people living on Lepa Lepa and nowadays live on big modern wooden inbound motor engine boat!!
Nor matter how modern will be but they always keep their tradition!!

This early morning left big group of Italian but in noon come a small group Italian!!

Here are the lines up welcome by SWV staffs for the guests same like the welcome of VIP!!

Just we don't have the red carpet.....

but we had a warm welcome heart....

cold tower for refreshing, welcome drink & welcome brief!!
When you be checked in?!!


Anonymous said...

Nice from semporna..

ParadiseLoG said...

Thank you!!Proud to be a semporna, sabahan!!

joe said...

great pictures....i loves regatta..

ParadiseLoG said...

Come for the next year & make a date to experience its!!