Friday, April 03, 2009

Is the month of APRIL now!!!

Today the weather is sunny & windy!!

This April will be a busy month because now we had American, Lithuanian, France, Italian, Malaysian, Japanese, German, British, Espanola, Australian, Belarus & Swiss!!

World economy wasn't good but we had value for money packages during Dive Trade Fair!!
Come to Dive Trade fair for best value deal!!

Dive Center now had more ample space & repair work done!!
This April month had the Ching Ming Festival, Good friday, Easter, Thai Songkran, Semporna Regatta Lepa-Lepa, near end of month start Pesta Keamatan, Sabah & Japanese Golden Week!!

This morning come a group of Japanese Diver and welcome brief by Rika san!!

Can notice we had new schedule board & had the Dive center painted!!

Ron welcome brief a couple from Australian!!

This afternoon Sandra welcome brief to guests from Espanola & Malaysian!!

We had family group of non divers from Belarus!!

Look how happy if we living near to Sea side...

can enjoy the sun, swim, dive & Mother Nature!!


MarizZzaA+$p!R0s said...

It's a great place!! I want to be there, it's so shunny and hot. Here the weather isn't so good and the night we need to have a coat!!! Whatever, the summer is coming!!!:D:D:D

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ParadiseLoG said...

April is start of best month to visit here but we are all year round sunny & hot.....we also have rain but it on & off in the Island...come & let us guide you to Paradise!! ^!^

Anonymous said...

New schedule board means new STICKERS!! Who will take the prime space on top of the SWV schedule board?

Anonymous said...

Great idea, I will tell my thai friends who are going to diving there during Songkran Holiday to bring their dive-shop stickers to attach to the top of the board :D

ParadiseLoG said...

hehehehe....Good eye!! Yeah!! Just stick stick but only allow one shop sticker please.... @?@