Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Today is Earth Day!!!

What will the peoples do for this Earth Day?!!
What will the island peoples do for today?!!
Last night had a storm here and in morning weather was fine..

had a bit choppy sea condition and underwater visibility was bad!!

Can see the water wasn't clear & plastic bags floating!!
How can we help or stop this litter-bug?!!
We had done given the lecture, provide dustbins and help to bring out rubbishes to mainland for dispposing!!
We ask the divers to help pick up rubbishes underwater!!

Bring for snorkelling to pick up rubbishes!!

We teach not to litter!! What else can we do??

Nor matter what we had done still we have to continue teach & guide not to litter!!
Just hope one day this will STOP!!

Today Rika san teach American woman for Discover Diving!!

We had new information notice boards....

this to show what can do & don't!!

We had translate in Japanese because we got Japanese guide and we can't translate to others languages but hope everyone understand in English!! Thank you!!

What will you do for today Earth Day??

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