Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday!!!

Today is Good Friday & weather was fine!!

We are busy now & today is Public holidays in Malaysia!!

Tomorrow will start more busy till after next weekend!!

All Dive Guides are back on duties!!

Here we got guests rental the transparent kayak!!

Don't worry!! We had 4 more the said kayak!!

Today is the Fullmoon too!!

Can clearly view the Corals Reefs when water level going low!!

There many species Corals just in small area!!

Jesus Christ, Son of the God sacrificed himself die at the cross & what we, Christian sacrifice for?!
Well! NOthings!! Just want to live long & have good lifes?!
One thing for sure we everyday pray to Almighty GOD!!
What we can do in living now are together help to preserve the Mother Nature!!


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God bless! Go in peace!!