Friday, April 03, 2009

Something to share with!!!

Gold-specs Jawfish!!

Have you ever seen Jawfish with Shrimp?!
This shrimp is a species of the genus Palaemonella!!
It share with some Jawfish's burrows and relationship still unknown!!

Jawfish can spotted on sand & rubble bottoms near reefs when it head just stay out or protrude from burrows!!

Jawfish retreat to burrow with its tail first!!
To watch this behaviour need to keep or give a distance!!

It always watching out on floating past Zooplankton as for food!!

Jawfish has a large mouth used for incubating eggs!!
Males job are mouthbrood clutches of eggs!!

Pyjama Cardinalfish!!

Ring-tail Cardinalfish's mouth brooding fresh eggs!!

Spot-face Moray!!

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