Saturday, April 11, 2009

Oh Boy! Is busy day!!!

This morning was cloudy & going to rain!!
Rika san teach 3 Junior Open Water Divers!!

This Kids are from Swiss & France!!

The rain finally come & later was heavy too!!

Rika san with her Junior students Axelle, Christopher & Alicia!!

In this picture from Left hand are Nur Fazzillah Mohd Noordin, Sharifah Malek, Mohammed Noordin from Bluefin Dive Associates, Noriyati Hassan & Sheikh Yahya!!
Thank you for coming back & see you all again!!
Sawaddee Krub! Yin Dee Ton Rub Krub!!
Welcome back to Phuttakhun from All Star!!

Sawaddee Krub! Yin Dee Ton Rub Krub!!
Welcome back Poosak & congratulation been a Father!!

This morning come about more than 30 Thai here!!

The Dive General briefing was done in afternoon after the check dive in morning!!

In the morning, Froi does the welcome briefing while Allan & Bobby busy written down all the names!!

This group here come from Brunei!!

Here some of the dive bags & total about 40 dive gears will be in Dive center!!

Here can see how busy in Dive center!!

This was in the morning after the rain stopped & divers prepare for check dive!!

This was the skill of Giant Stride entry!!

This morning we had about 40 divers for check dive!!

This was early Brunei group entry the water!!

On the surface when the Dive Guide get all together was time to dive!!

Deflate BCD and check proper weighting!!

Remember entry the water not to jump!!

Just give a big walk!!

This was the 2nd group & total are 4 groups!!

Allan briefing about what to see & do & don't & hand signal &..!!

Please wait turn?!!

If jump during entry water & this will happen...look at the picture above shown!! lucky not hit the wood!!
Please don't jump!!

Wait at surface & remember to watch where the Dive Guide!!

Here something to share with that nowsday best entry water is without fins!! Just hold on to the fins & once in water then wear it!! Make sure regulator in mouth & BCD half inflated!!

This was the 4th groups!!

Allan get everyone together...

then inflate BCD & descent & equalize!!

Once underwater swim to dive guide & make a semicircle..

Remember have to show the skills of mask clear & regulator remove & replace then the Guide will show the interested Marine Life in Paradise!!

After exit water remove fins & if not strong enough to carry the scuba tank then remove BCD!! We always had the staff help carry up BCD & Tank!!

After the morning shower & in noon the SUN back!!

Divers going to surface after a dive!!

Can see how clear was the water!!

Remember inflate BCD when at the surface!!

Wait turn for exit water & be sure remove fins!!

What a beautiful Sunny day again!!

Ciao Ciao!! Motta Ivano & Bruselles Gianluca from Italia!!
They going back home to ROME today after spend a week holidays with us!!
We miss you both & see you soon!!
Take care & Happy Easter!!


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