Friday, April 10, 2009


Night diving is fun and really enjoy watching behaviour of underwater life at dark!!
Can watch fish sleeping, Shrimps & crabs are out, Squids, cuttlefish & octopus hunting, Lionfish feeding, Feather stars wide open, Snails out look for it prey & many more!!
Do you know some fishes at night change their colour?!
If lucky can see Corals spawning!!

Night Dive in SWV Resort only at House Reefs - Paradise 1 & 2!!
Only those had night dive experience can allowed to sign in!!
Those who don't can try out Discover Night Dive or taking credit of Night Dive course!!

Night Dive is chargeable where guided per person RM50!!
Self Night Dive charge per person RM20!!

Richard guided Fion, Carol & Yvonne for Night Dive!!

Here are few tip of caution at Night Dive:- watch out Sea Urchins, watch out the Fire Worms that attracted to lights at night, watch out Lionfish, Scorpionfish & Stonefish, at surface turn light off or shine it to the sky to avoid been jump hit by Needlefish!!
If had good buoyancy skill above things can easy to avoid!!
Come Let's Do The Night Dive!!


Anonymous said...

oh no! what if I spiked by urchin, the worm go in my ears and the lion fish bite my bum??? I better wear full protection and hold hand to the DM!

ParadiseLoG said...