Saturday, April 04, 2009

It's rainy day?!!

Are those the latest Animation Hood?!
Bear & Chick very cute!!
This Japanese group from Free Way Dive Shop, Niigata, Japan!!
"Ops! Taking too much you time..OK!! OK!! Free to GO!!"

Early morning we had thunder storm but it stopped!!
Before the 1st morning dive, the sky seem going to rain soon!!

Niger guiding guests from Italian, Germany & Hong Kong!!

Ron guiding a small group from Espanola & a British!!

Welcome back Mr. Andrew Copper from British!!
He was here last year!! Believe me!! He got 2 watches & was wear on both wrist hand!!

This group non diver from Belarus going for snorkel at Sipadan Island!!

Froi welcome brief a couple, he from American & she was Japanese!!

Alex guided a small group divers from France!!

After the 1st dive, the rain shower finally come!!

Guests from Lithuanian just back after snorkelling at Kapalai Island!!

Afternoon the weather getting better but it going to rain again!!
Richard guided a group diver from American, Japanese, Swiss & a Malaysian!!

Today the rain fall on & will rain again in late evening & stop...... at night time rain again....maybe!! It's seem like rainy season start early!!

Froi today job Check dive!! In the morning done twice already and afternoon for small group of Malaysian Divers!!

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