Monday, April 06, 2009

Welcome to SWV Dive Center!!!

SWV Dive Center location at right hand side from Resort Reception if facing to the island view!! Was on the walk way to MaBul wing till end!!

This picture shown Dive center facing the sea front!!

Inside view of the Dive Center!!

This jetty for the Dive boats!!

It also for diver & non diver entry & exit point!!

This room for diver to store their BCD & REG!!

This counter to register the number of weight taken from diver & rental snorkel equipments!!

Here are the full air tanks & room inside is Compressor air units station!!
Sorry! No Nitrox because O2 supply not enough!!

Used tanks place under the sign, next was way to wash room & beside it was locker room!!

Here are the shower area!!

This is the pantry corner where morning & afternoon snacks serve here!!
Try out our home made cookies!!
Make your own Mocca?!
Dive Center counter where information and payment made here!!
That's Rogen in the picture and behind her was the DC office!!
View from the dive boat!!
This was view from the chalet M105!

Next to dive center got beautiful coral reefs!!

See how beautiful the reefs!!

The building shown from this picture on left hand side was the Resort reception!!
The center picture to the right hand side was the chalets under Mabul wings!!

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