Sunday, April 26, 2009

Let's us know what SERVICE you want?!!

Do you like this hair cut & manicure service after DIVE?!!
Just let us know in advance & can be arrange but CHARGEABLE!!
In reasonable price....Heeheeheeheehee!!
If want FREE then let the Cleaner shrimps to do but fishes will not happy!! So please don't offen to visit this place & let's the fishes had their private time especially in evening!!

Make sure your finger stay still & don't move while in cleaning!!

These Hinge-beak Shrimps really do thier job!!

You will like & enjoy it!!

After breakfast, lunch or tea break and lazy to brush the teeth then let's these White-banded Cleaner Shrimp work for you!!

These Cleaner Shrimps really work inside the mouth too!!
Please don't eat it!!

Can same time together clean in mouth & hands but please don't do the foots together!!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures... Hmmm can I have your contact please... My husband loves diving and we're going to Sabah in August... So maybe you can help me out for a surprise diving gift...

ParadiseLoG said...

Thank you!! Please contact to our HQ & here the email

Just let's the staff know what you want & they will help you out!! hope seeing you in August!!