Monday, April 27, 2009

Research Dive - Part 3!!!

This was continue on Part 2!!

On 24th April 2009 Research dive at Siamil & Danawan!!

2nd group were Froi, Abi, Jimmy & Alex (not in photo)!!

Nudibranch Willan's Chromodoris!!

Kune's Chromodoris!!

What is this?...rock?....soft coral? No!! Is nudibranch!!

Found by Alex & he was searching for this species when saw in the new book of Nudibranchs Encyclopedia!!

Coleman's Melibe - Tethydidae

This Melibe species was 1st discovered by Neville Coleman in Mabul Island & was named after him!!

Alex call it a Ghost Nudibranchs & not easy to spot if doesn't move!!

Ornate Ghostpipefish!!

2 Butterflyfish was fighting & another 1 watching!! Sorry couldn't take good photo of its!!

Siamil Island now most dive operators bring their guests went there diving!! Remember that we had make the resting place or BBQ?? Now few dive operator use it!!

Not many dive to Danawan Island!!

This morning was rain shower but later was cloudy & sunny!!

Little Dragonfish!!

This was species of Spider Crab!!

Long-nose Hawkfish!!

Ocellated Flounder!!

Pair of Many-host Goby....

This female Many-host Goby just laid eggs on the ascidian!!

Upside down Jellyfish!!

School of Catfishes!!

This was our pack lunch & we had done 4 dives!!
"Shall we Let's go diving!!"

Pair of Crab-eyed Goby!!

Pair of Red-margin Shrimpgoby!!

School of Banded Trevally!!

Mantis Shrimp feeding on dead fish!!

Pair of Black Shrimpgoby!!

Hermit Crab!!

Mimic Octopus found by Jimmy!!

Mimic Octopus has its elongate arms with brown transverse bands!!

It was beautiful species octopus!!

It can mimic many thing like if doesn't move can look like feather star, anemone, snake eel and if move like stingray, crab walk, swimming lionfish at many more!!

What a dive that can never be forget & so much micro marine lifes found!!

Young Flamboyant Cuttlefish!!

Spine-cheek Anemonefish!!

This nudibranch maybe new species?!


Ninamaro said...

WHAT!!!!??? U found the most incredible coleman's Melibe nudi?!! U dint tell me ! I want to see......

ParadiseLoG said...

hehehehe....come lah...will try to find it again but no guarantee..hehehehe....

Takako said...

Congrats, Alex!!
I wanna find the Coleman's Melibe, one day!
That's my dream, too...(^o^)/