Sunday, April 26, 2009

STOP Fish Bombing!!!

On 24th April we do research dive at new site saw many dead fishes on reefs!!

Saw school of Catfishes in far distance were act defensive behavior!! Normally when get close to its then will has such behavior!! Why??

There was a blast happening near this site and we follow the dead fishes!!

After swimming 5 minute then found the blasted site!!

This was done in early morning because when we arrival at 0830 didn't saw any fisherman boat near by!!

Most of dead fishes on the group where we saw were school of Silverside & young Fusiler species!!

We wonder why many dead fishes on ground wasn't pick up?? Are they have enough for today catch??

We start to look around & investigate the blasted area!!

Found dead butterflyfish!!

Found dead Rabbitfish!!

Saw small school of Silverside strange swimming behavior!!

Those Catfishes & Silversides behavior we believe was cause by the impact of the explosion!! When we heard loud explosion sound underwater was actually very far because sound travel 4 times faster!! Imagine if the explosion just close & near!! Those fishes today lucky can survive but what next??

Look at Jimmy has pick up few kinds of dead fishes!!

Why Fish Bombing??

Look at those Coral reefs that has been live million of years and where its now??

This home made explosion getting powerful more than 10 years before!!

This Blackspotted Puffer wasn't dead & it doesn't swim away when touched!!

Ops! Another dead fish!! Look at the branches coral cover of sand powder!! It not blasted today but it will dead slowly because of cover by sand strom & attack by bacteria!!

Those fishes at this site where we saw early wasn't big!!

Are those dead fishes size good enough to serve on table??

"We found survival here! Medic quick came over here!" above rescue voice can heard in mainland when a disaster happen!!
How about underwater life??
This Butterflyfish was really struggle for survive!!
This Cardinalfish still live but it couldn't stay long while the above already dead!!

At the end this Butterflyfish (on above picture) finally dead!! No help come! We human can't do anything just watch it dead!!

Same as this Angelfish!! Where is our Angel??

We had counted total about 30 dead fishes (size shown in Jimmy's hand) & thousand dead fishes in small size left over in ground!!

We had been reported to authority about recently active back of fish bombing start last year!! There wasn't any fish bombing after the 911 incident in the year 2001 where we had more securities guarded in our water!! Now we had the securities all over the area but still fish bombing on!! WHY??

Are this peoples challenge our enforcement?? Or they been told from other that our punishment for such activity was weak?? What will happen that the fish bomb place in human place??

We believe if the enforcement & punishment heavy and such unhealthy activity wouldn't happen!!
Most such fish bombing done by refugee & encourage by local for demand of fishes!!
Enforce of punishment to send back where coming from & cannot stay in this country, seizure of all belonging goods & properties, last was the Death penalty of own a Home made bomb because it can kill lifes.
What ever was need to act fast for stop fish bombing before it too late!!
For Enforcement units & Highest Authority must been brief by Marine lifes & Environments Expert time to time that not only safe guard for the Country and for our natural treasure resources!! If everyone have a heart of loving nature then our World will peace & happy life!!

God's creation & are our duties to preserve & protection!!
Do you want to see it break like shown on picture??


Anonymous said...

As fas as I understand you guys have to register with the army/securities guys before diving in those islands, but fish bombing boats have no need to register to anyone for their activities. So how the protection system is gonna work then.

ParadiseLoG said...

yah! only the fishman not need to report.....poor system here & will try to give pressure to authority for protection of reefs!!