Sunday, July 02, 2006

2 July 2006

weather: cloudy, wind from south
sea condition: viz 8m-15m, choppy sea
guides: Bobby, Ron, Sophia, Nina, Jimmy

The sea was quite rough today especially in the morning, as there was a strong wind in the previous night. Some boat rides were just like roller coaster....but luckily conditions at dive sites were ok....As for underwater *sigh*, there were sediments, some parts the water was green in color, but fortunately viz was still ok though. In some sites however, water was clear when we went deeper.

Although murky water but the dives were great :-D...big school jacks, giant trevallies, alot of turtles and white tips. As for macros, it was just awesome today!! Bobby's group found a hairy octopus, while Sophia's group found a mimic octopus...unfortunately we cannot get hold of any pics at the moment. But if we can find some from the divers we'll post it definitely! Other stuffs were good also...robust ghost pipefish, frogfish(giant, clown and painted, just name it) ;-), nudibranchs, lots of shrimps and crabs. That's why some say month of July may be the best season for macros here....
The pic of the peacock mantis above was taken by Sophia during her self dive. CheerS!! :-D

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