Monday, July 31, 2006

30 July 2006

(A scenic view from the entrance of the mystical turtle cavern. Pic by Amerijckx Johan)

weather: rain in the morning, sunny for the rest of the day
sea condition: slightly choppy in the morning, viz 10m-25m
guides: Allan & Bobby, Jason, Lee, Nina, Sophia, Ron

There were some brilliant dives today. The viz today was the best in 2 weeks. Allan, Bobby and Jason went to Baracuda Point in the morning. This was the amazing scene that greeted them during the entry....
(a small school of batfish with a huge school of jacks behind. Pic by Amerijckx Johan)
Everyone who went to Sipadan today saw the big school barracudas doing the tornado. There are no words good enough to describe the feeling underwater when u see this kind of stuff...just take a look at the fantastic pics below.
Allan & Bobby's group saw a great hammerhead! Shallow round 15m .very close to the reef (while Jason's group was in Drop Off) . And in their second dive they saw 4 leopard sharks in Mid Reef (while Jason's group was in Barracuda Point!). So it's proven that Jason does not have luck with sharks...poor guy.... :-D
The giant trevallies and white tipped reef sharks were quite active today, circling around the jacks. Tough luck for the jacks, feel abit sad for them....but that's how things goes underwater...everyone is part of the food chain. Jason once heard someone telling him, if we dive and when we swim into the deep blue, we automatically become part of the food chain :- ....The viz was good today so shallow part the reef looks very very colorful.There were turtles everywhere, a lot of colorful small fishes especially the anthias and the bannerfishes, and alot of triggerfishes!
We found a lot of small stuffs today also. Leaf fish, pygmy seahorse, alot of shrimps (eg the bubble coral shrimp and the photogenic ambonian shrimps), alot of crabs (eg the odd looking orang utan crab), many many moray eels, snake eels, pipefishes, the ever shy gobies, frogfishes, mandarin fish and loads of colorful nudibranchs. We managed to get hold of one pic of macro seen today. Below is a pic of Okenia sp. (pink) found by Jason. There were 2 of them, and they were mating actually. Maybe when Johan took this pic they already finished mating. u guys can try see, one of it is on top while the other one was below...
Okay, think that should be all for today, but before we end this post we would like to thank Johan for his wonderful pics.
Happy Diving !!! ^__^

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