Saturday, July 22, 2006

22 July 2006

weather: cloudy in the morning, wind from south
sea condition: viz 6m-18m
guides: Allan, Nina & Jay, Lee, Jason
Nina & Jay's group were the only ones who went to Sipadan today. The sea condtion on the north part of Sipadan is now better compared to the south side (there was always wind coming from south)....The group saw almost everything that Sipadan can offer!! School of barracudas and bumpheads on the first dive, school of jacks on the second lots of turtles and sharks on both dives. The other stuffs we saw during our dives today were the giant grouper, ornate ghostpipefish, pygmy seahorse, flambuoyant cuttlefish, lots of nudibranchs and lots of shrimps....We havnt been able to get any pics today :-( we just post this sunset view of the dive center...
All the DMs are doing self dive after the boat dives these few days. We need to scale and take photos of the corals transplanted during Mabul Marine Day. Datas and pictures are still being collected, we will post the updates very soon.

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