Sunday, July 09, 2006

8 July 2006

weather: sunny, wind from south
sea condition: viz 3m-15m, choppy sea in the morning
guides: Jason, Jay & Nina, Diana, Bobby & Allan, Ron & Sophia
Yeah man...the weather was good today :-D no more rain, sunshine and slight wind...sounds really like a paradise rite? Viz was just okay...but we still managed to see alot today...
The jacks..woah...very big school & doing the tornado thing!!! Just look at the pics below...(thanks Damian & Yamaguchi for the pics)
Sophia's group saw a big school of barracudas, a few huge grey reefs, many white tipped reef sharks...and also many turtles...while Jay's group saw a school of streamline barracuda. Almost every group saw the two huge giant groupers...
Macros today was very good...Jason's group went back to see the flambuoyant, this is how it looked like today....(arigato Mutsumi for the pic)
There were many pipefishes, crabs, shrimps and alot of nudibranchs...and we were lucky to get hold of this picture of Allan with the giant frogfish.... u guys have seen Allan's pic underwater, have u ever thought how Allan look like on the surface? After his dive today we managed to persuade him to pose for us in the Dive Center for a picture....
isn't "she" sexy? i know only 1 pic is just not enough for u guys :-O, so we posted another one for u guys...

(mmm....nice legs...)

okay guys...we'll stop here, please come back tomoro for more pics (if possible we'll post Allan's pics again...wakakaka)

Cheers !! :-D

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Asther said...

Oh My Gosh... I got goose bumps all over when I saw Allan's pic. Eeeee.... :P