Thursday, July 27, 2006

27 July 2006

(Stefano with a green turtle. Pic taken by Elena)

weather: Sunny all day
sea condition: viz 8m-15m
guides: Nina & Jason, Jay, Bobby, Jimmy, Lee, Allan
This was a very happening day!!! Jimmy's group was really LUCKY today...they made 2 dives in Sipadan...and they saw almost everything in those 2 dives. 1st dive they went to Barracuda Point, there were giant trevallies and blue fin trevallies hunting the anthias at the entry point. There were alot of very active white tips...swimming and circling around the whole dive. The best part of this dive was seeing a huge school of barracudas doing the vortex inside the channel. The were other fishes of black snappers and batfish, and many many bannerfish.
Their second dive in South Point were as awesome! They saw what every divers wanted to see badly in Sipadan...yes hammerhead sharks, around 10 of 20m deep!!! it just somewhat proved it's not necessary that we have to go to Sipadan at dawn to see the depends of luck, and on having good guides like Jimmy :-) And it is funny, when u are lucky, u really can get very very lucky....other than hammerheads, Jimmy's group saw one huge grey reef and a leopard shark...and not to forget the school of jacks....*sigh* plus alot of turtles gliding thru on both dives...
Ok, we shouldn't forget about our little macro friends. The special things we saw today were leaf fish, stargazer, blue ribbon eel, pygmy seahorse, lots of nudibranchs, different types of shrimps and gobies...
The weather is getting better these few days, viz is getting better plus there are not so many particles in the water...hopefully the condition will get better tomorrow :-D we were not able to get any pic of the macros, but we were lucky to get 2 good shots of the big school barracudas, but not lucky enough to get any pics of the hammerheads :-(...enjoy!!!

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