Thursday, July 20, 2006

19 July 2006

We're very sorry for the late update..all of us had been very busy for the past week because of the Mabul Marine Day.
Okay, to update everyone about the dives last week...
The weather was not that good, it rained almost everyday in the morning, somtimes cloudy...but some days the sun came out in the afternoon. There were wind coming from the south, which means that the sea was choppy last week...
Underwater was better despite the weather. The viz was around 3m-15m last week. There was a layer of murky water round 1m-3m deep, but deeper side it did get better. It was in the morning underwater, feels like sunset dive ler....
Although the weather was not that good last week, we did have some awesome dives. It's too long to tell u guys day by day, we'll just show some of the good shots taken last week...there were more pictures though, but we cant post everything.
(school of bumphead parrotfish, pic by Suzuki Toyoko)
(giant grouper, pic by Francesca Giansante)
(soft coral crab, pic by Noto Hitomi)
(pink frogfish, pic by Noto Hitomi)
(black sailfin goby, pic by Okino Mutsumi)
(family of ribbon goby, pic by Koji Kamigaki)
(black ray shrimp goby, pic by Okino Mutsumi)
(flambuoyant cuttlefish, pic by Sermsak Posayajinda)
(gold specs jawfish with eggs in mouth, pic by Okino Mutsumi)
(pygmy seahorse, pic by Koji Kamigaki)
We would like to thank all who had contributed the pictures.....

Happy Diving ^__^


Anonymous said...

hi ya all in Mabul ... congratulations for a great MMD !

though it was raining almost everyday !

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Asther said...

Wah... I'd like to see all the macro stuffs posted here in my next trip! So b ready all u DMs there! ;)