Tuesday, July 25, 2006

24 July 2006

weather: cloudy in the morning, sunny in the afternoon, wind from south
sea condition: choppy sea, viz 5m - 12m
guides: Jason & Nina, Lee, Diana, Sophia, Allan, Jimmy

No pics today :-(

We'll just go thru everything we saw today.....

School of barracudas, turtles, grey reef sharks, white tipped reef sharks, giant trevallies, school of jacks, giant grouper, white leaf fish, black leaf fish, pink frogfish, black giant frogfish, black sailfin goby, yellow flagtail goby, crab eye goby, red margin shrimp goby, robust ghost pipefish, juvenile clown sweetlips, nudibranchs, mushroom coral shrimp, soft coral shrimp, blue spotted stingray, broadclub cuttlefish, mushroom coral pipefish, pygmy seahorse, stonefish etc etc.....

*sigh* no photos no fun, so we'll just post some pics of Allan, it was his birthday yesterday...
HaPpY BiRThDaY AllaN !!!!!

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