Monday, July 03, 2006

3 July 2006

weather: cloudy, wind from south
sea condition: choppy sea in the morning, viz 8m-12m
guides: Ron, Lee, Bobby, Sophia, Allan, Jason

Just like yesterday...there was a strong wind during the night before, the sea was very choppy on the morning...there were alot of sediments in the water, fortunately the viz was still ok and it does got better in the afternoon. All the usual big stuffs were there, the big school of jacks, giant trevallies, lots of anglefish today, plus a few yellow fin barracudas. Allan & Jason's group was quite lucky today. They encountered an octopus, which is quite friendly, it came out from its hole a few times and posed for them...but only 1 diver in their group has a camera, which unfortunately ran out of batteries during that particular time..aaargghh (Jackie if u r reading tis, we r talking bout ur tough luck... ;-p). After that octopus incident there was a big grey reef...and they came veeery close to a big leopard shark (head to tail almost 1.5m)....some divers managed to get some shots, but all were in films so we're unable to upload any pics.

Macro diving today was as good as yesterday's. Allan & Jason's group managed to find robust ghost pipefish, leaf wrasse and a big jawfish. Lee & Ron's group found a leaf fish, a giant frogfish and a devil scorpion fish, all very near together :-D, just like a family...a very interesting situation, but *sigh* all pics were captured only on films, so cant get hold of any pics :-(. But Sophia managed to show one pregnant robust ghost pipefish. The pic below was taken by a diver in her group. The view is from the side, so it cannot clearly illustrate that it is pregnant, but anyhow we'll post it to let u guys have a look.
Last but not least, Bobby's group also had a few good dives today. They managed to find a solar nudibranch. Hihi at last we manage to get hold of a pic of this beautiful creature.

Thank You Sergio & Yamaguchi san for the pics :-D

HappY DiVinG !!! ^_^

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