Tuesday, July 04, 2006

4 July 2006

weather: sunny
sea condition: viz 8m-15m
guides: Bobby, Nina, Jimmy, Lee, Sophia

Still there was strong wind last nite, but the weather got much better today. There were less sediments underwater, we hope that today will be a new beginning for a better week ahead...and hopefully the good weather will last till Mabul Marine Day (MMD). Oops, some may not know what MMD is....ok, MMD is an annual event held in Sipadan Water Village Resort, on the month of July. The World Marine Day is held annually on the 17th of July, to commemorate the event, MMD is always held within the period of 15th July - 20th July every year. One of the highlight of MMD is coral transplanting, where participants can "adopt" their corals and transplant it in a chosen site in Mabul Island. The DMs will check the survival of the corals monthly and will put everyting in a report to be shown on the following year's MMD. We do hope dat...thru thr fun way....all divers will be more conscious about the importance of coral conservation.
Ok late's get back to todays dives. Today can be summarised as a day for macros. All the big stuffs were not as interesting as the macros. The barracudas were absent (like some said, maybe they are still waiting for the Sipadan Entrance Permit from Sabah Parks :-D )...but there still were a big school of jacks, lots of turtles and white tipped reef sharks...For macros, the robust ghost pipefish were ever present these few days (but not the pregnant one mentioned yesterday). The blue and the black ribbon eel, leaf wrasse, giant jawfish, lots of different types of nudibranchs, and alot of gobies. Aiks, i forgot to mention the bubble coral shrimp and the commensal shrimps etc etc, too many to mention...
The pic of school of yellow line snapper was taken by Sergio, while the pic below of the juvenile black sailfin goby was taken by Yamaguchi san...Thanks very much for ur pics :-D

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