Wednesday, June 28, 2006

28 June 2006

weather: morning cloudy, afternoon sunny
sea condition: viz 10m-20m, choppy sea
guides: Bobby, Ron, Jason, Leonard, Sophia, Allan, Jimmy

It was a very dramatic underwater today. The school of jacks with the giant trevallies, leopard sharks, grey reefs, the huge school of barracudas again. Lots of Napolean wrasses swimming around, 2 huge ones, 1 veerryy huge great barracuda, surgeon fish spawning, the rather large school of fusilier...and last but not least, lots of turtles. Macros today were leaf fish, crab eye goby, giant mantis shrimp, orang utan crab, more different types of shrimps, soft coral crabs and nudibranchs...interesting...will keep u guys updated ;-)

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