Saturday, July 08, 2006

7 July 2006

weather: heavy rain in the morning, cloudy in the afternoon, wind from south
sea condition: viz 10m-20m (clear water but dark), choppy in the morning and noon
guides: Lee & Jason, Sophia & Jay, Nina & Ron, Bobby & Jimmy

There was a heavy storm last nite that lasted till this morning. The weather did got better, no rain but still cloudy. Altough it was dark underwater, amazingly the viz were good, and the water was quite clear. It just felt like we were having a sunset dive in the daytime...
The dives were nice despite the bad weather...the big school jacks were there, so were the white tips. Nina & Ron's group saw a leopard shark (quite a big one), while Lee & Jason's group was lucky enough to see a devil ray :-D, and as always, the ever present turtles...
Macros today were simply amazing. Most of the group were able to see the flambuoyant cuttlefish..hehe we are lucky to be able to get hold of the pic of this colorful cuttlefish.
There were also alot of photogenic nudibranchs, different types of shrimps and crabs. Lee & Jason's group found a ghost pipefish on one of their dives. Underwater it does look like a halimeda ghostpipefish, but when they come up and check the pic, it looked like a robust ghostpipefish. We'll post the pic here so u guys know what we are talking about...Lee said that the body of the fish was more bulky, and not as thin as it looks in the pic....
Below are two pictures of Ron with the humpback cleaner shrimps during his self dive with Bobby and underwater mouth wash anyone??

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