Sunday, July 23, 2006

23 July 2006

(school of bumpheads)
weather: cloudy in the morning, wind from south
sea condition: viz 8m - 15m, slightly choppy sea
guides: Diana, Lee, Ron & Jay, Sophia

It was a good day for diving....In Sipadan we saw big school bumpheads, big school jacks, school of barracudas, giant trevallies and white tip reef sharks very active (maybe hunting....), huge Napolean wrasse and lots of lots of turtles...
Macros were just as good. Leaf fish, frogfish, ribbon eels, lots of gobies, lots of shrimps etc etc, the lists goes on...We managed to get hold of some pics from 2 divers...

(long nose hawkfish)

(Question: everyone can see what's on this false anemone???)

Happy Diving ^__^

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