Sunday, July 09, 2006

9 July 2006

weather: cloudy, wind from south
sea condition: viz 5m-12m
guides: Bobby & Nina, Lee, Jay, Jimmy, Ron & Diana

It was another good day for diving again....all the big stuffs were there -- school of barracudas, big school jacks, grey reefs, white tips, school of batfish, school of black snappers, giant trevallies and many many turtles.
Jay's group was lucky to see a leopard shark and a very huge tuna. Jay said that it was around 1.5m in length, very bulky and very mean looking face...Some divers were abit surprised and frightened when it was swimming towards them...The two pics below are of the leopard shark and the tuna. (Thank you Damian for the pics)
Macros were as good as the big things -- pgymy seahorse, lots of nudibranchs, lots of different types of shrimps, frogfish etc etc...Allan's group came across 2 coral rockcods squaring off with each other. Take a closer look at the fish's mouth from the pic below :-O (arigato Mitsuyo san for the pic), they were actually biting each other for quite some time already when Allan's group came across them...Ouch!!!
Jimmy's group found a "pikachu" (Pacific thecacera) and a lyre tail hogfish during their boat dives. Thanks Yuen Man for contributing your pics of these 2 colorful creatures...
More to come tomorrow...Happy DiViNG ^__^

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