Wednesday, July 05, 2006

5 July 2006

weather: sunny in the morning, afternoon cloudy
sea condition: viz 8m-20m
guides: Jason & Sophia, Jimmy, Allan, Jay & Ron, Lee

Okay, we will make this a short one today. Ron, Jay & Allan were lucky today to see almost every big stuff that u need to see here: School of jacks, school of barracudas, school of batfish, school of bumpheads AND totally ballistic currents!!! :-O the macros seen were leaf fish, black ribbon eel, alot of shrimps, diffrents types of squat lobsters, many many gobies, and loads of nudibranchs...
The ornate ghost pipefish pic was taken by Sophia during her self dive, while the Okenia sp. was taken by Yamaguchi san on one of his dives here...ChEErS !!!

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Asther said...

Ooohhh... I hope to see this Okenia sp. next time I come over!