Thursday, July 20, 2006

20 July 2006

(turtle, jacks and diver - pic captured from Scubazoo's Sam's dive video)

weather: rain in the morning, sunny in the afternoon. slight wind from south
sea condition: viz 5m-15m, choppy sea
guides: Lee & Nina, Diana & Jay, Sophia & Jason, Ron

We've had some great dives today...those who went to Sipadan saw big school of barracuda and jacks. The water was cold in Sipadan today..there were alot of white tips, a couple of grey reefs, plus Diana & Jay's group saw a leopard shark. Like everyday, there were alot of turtles, alot of angelfishes and fusiliers...

For macro, we saw flambuoyant cuttlefish, robust ghostpipefish, frogfish, many many gobies lots of shrimps and lots of nudibranchs....
[Jason (orange fin), Jimmy (silver fin) and the jacks, pic captured from Scubazoo's Sam's dive video]
(school of barracuda, pic by Okabe Zenei)

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