Saturday, September 01, 2007


Weather: Sunny day
Sea Condition: Calm sea
Water Temperature: 26 Celsius and below (believe or not?)
Dive Guide: Jay, Bobby, Richard, Jimmy, Leonard, Froilan

Hi...How are u? Busy with your tasks or assignments? Please stop for a while and have a look! Dear our guest, i think u might be missing them now! Please come back to meet them and don't forget your lovely dive master as well. We all miss u too! The photos below might be shown before in our blog. Just wanna updating u with the fish that we saw recently.

Let's show u our "Uncle Napolean Wrasse". They always stay shallow. Not need to go down deep to look for them.

School of batfish that always found around Barracuda Point.

School of Jack fish. One of the famous stuff that divers try to meet.

Grey Reef Shark always stay a bit deep. They like cool water. When the water temperature drop u can also meet them shallow.

Hahaha..Beside looking for fish, we also try to entertain u with some bubble ring. Wanna learn? Sign up for bubble ring class! Instructors of bubble ring are Jimmy and Allan.

wow..Good photo! I have been took many photo but the most difficult is anemone fish. Good job!

Can u guess what is this? Normally u can see a lot of them in Mabul and Kapalai Island. Ya, no fish.... Actually taking photo on their eyes also a kind of art....don't u think so?

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