Sunday, September 09, 2007


Hi guy....Today only have these 2 photos. And maybe in the future we don't have funny photo to show u. There are some complaint said that our blog getting childish and bad in writing. That why i need u guy to give me some idea. For my understanding is we are doing paradise log not paradise fish book. That why i am try to make it funny instead of too serious. To show u what happen here not only underwater but at the surface. Something between dive masters and our dearest guest.

I am trying not to make it like a book. Otherwise u all going to sleep when u read it.

I am knowing that my writing is not so good as u expecting. I am not novel writer. This is what i can do. Sorry for my writing problem. Hope u still can understand what i am trying to say out.

Anita Abel with her 100 dives.

Marijie Wesseling with her 50 dives

Keep diving and hope u will reach more higher in the future...See ya.

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Rita said...

who said that!!!!
i think it really hurt your heart!
it is your blog, just keep your don't have to care about somebody's comment on your blog.also, your writting is good enough to you say, you are writting a fish blog not a fish book. don't be dejected!!
i support you!!